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“This can be fixed with a little paint”

Never had a sentence made so much sense. Especially if we take care of it because you’ll save a lot of work and inconvenience if we take care of painting that thing you’ve been looking at for so long and wish you had like new again.

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"Not a drop on the ground"

At Niky Pinturas we carry out all kinds of exterior and interior painting work and we also specialize in painting all kinds of doors: garage doors, interior doors, chipboard doors, kitchen furniture,… If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying new things and you want them to be impeccable, contact us.

Proud of our clients, we have been painting and advising in Sitges and surrounding areas for over a decade.



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« At Niky Pinturas, we know that the quality and speed of a paint job are essential for a satisfied customer.

We favor personalization, understanding everyone’s needs and honest advice.
If something isn’t worth painting, we’ll tell you without batting an eyelid.

Our work is based on the trust of our customers and it is for this reason that they call us again and again so that we can paint whatever they need.

And we are proud to have customers who are already part of the Niky Pinturas family because they have always been with us.

Whether painting facades, stairs, holiday apartments, commercial premises or private apartments and houses, we are always there to help you. »

Perfectionism and attention to detail are two words that describe Niky very well. Always taking care of his work to the millimeter.
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Do you need information about our services? Did you have any doubts? Call me or send me a WhatsApp and I will advise you on the service that best suits your needs.